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Super proud to share this 12-week transformation via my Awaken the Badass training program!  Jessica had just had her third baby and was ready to kick it into overdrive once cleared to train.  She committed fully to herself prior to ever committing to me, so I knew her progress would be notable.  She was sick and tired of trying gimmicky BS fads and protocols not made for the long haul.  She was willing to put in the real, raw hardwork and effort to craft a healthier lifestyle, not just a temporary quick fix.  That’s just what she got!
She remained consistent, even throughout illness and injury, a now teething baby and several sleepless nights and steadfast in her goals to bettering herself and now here we are.  Can’t wait to witness her continued success and progress; she is well on her way to her ultimate goal.
Interested in leveling up?  I’m now offering one-on-one coaching to a limited number of clients that purchase my program.  Included will be weekly check-ins, power calls with me and my 25 year knowledge and experience in the fitness space.
Have you fallen off plans before?  Need an accountability partner?  Isn’t it time you invested in you?  I’m here for you if you are here for you, so please message me at tiffany@tiffanyleegaston.com for more details and to fill out the application.
*Read what Jessica had to say about her personal experience with the program, me and her overall results!
“The moment I found out I was pregnant with Nash, I told myself I wanted to do this pregnancy differently than my last two. I wanted to be healthy and be “that pregnant mom” who was killing it in the gym. The mom who “bounces right back after birth.” Although this was my healthiest pregnancy yet, I still gained close to 60lbs.
Tiffany showed up in my life when I didn’t know I needed her and in the best way possible. It was a casual conversation with Tiff asking how I was adjusting after having a baby. Usually I’d say, “oh, it’s fine! We’re doing great.” But that day, in that moment, something inside me told me to be honest with her.
I confided in her and told her I was mess. Postpartum blues had me. I said, “I don’t even recognize myself right now.” I know what my body did is nothing short of a miracle, but I think I had this unrealistic expectation that I would look completely different postpartum, because I was strong, healthy and I even did CrossFit throughout the duration of my pregnancy!
To know Tiffany is to love her. Her energy is contagious. Her humor is like no other. Her heart is as big as her personality and you can’t help to fall in love with her. She has been in the fitness industry for her whole adult life and she’s been around the block when it comes to food & nutrition.
We worked together for 12 weeks and I was 8 weeks postpartum when we began. Within those 12 weeks, I lost 16 lbs! I even had some uphill hurtles, but I tried to keep my food on point 97% of the time!
For the first time in my life, with Tiffany’s help, I allowed myself some freaking grace. I’m a 36 year old woman, a wife and mom to three boys. I finally told myself that I’m giving myself a good solid year to achieve my goals. I’m going to enjoy this process instead of looking at this part of my life in a negative way.
I can’t thank Tiffany enough…when she showed up, she showed up BIG for me. She helped me kickstart my goals and to feel normal again. I love me some TLG and I’m not finished yet!”