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What can I say…I am very grateful for all I’ve accomplished this year.  Contributing my workouts, recipes and articles to the top fitness publications in the industry has been so rewarding.  The choice to step away from figure competition and fulfill other interests, while maintaining more of a presence around my children, was of utmost importance to me.   I’m beyond thrilled to have achieved all that I have in the process.  I am eager and ready for an exciting 2015!  Who’s with me?  Lot’s of exciting new projects in the works and I am very eager and excited to share 😉

My wish for all of you is that you make promises to yourself and hold yourself accountable each day.  I hope whatever changes you are passionate about putting into effect in the new year come to fruition.  Stay strong, push hard and you WILL reach your goals.  Know you are worth believing in and fulfilling those promises because you value yourself.  Don’t let holiday stress and over-indulgence do anything but motivate you to improve with each new opportunity.  I’m a big believer in enjoying those things briefly and then right back on track.

Be safe, have a very happy New Year and  I thank you so much for being a part of mine!