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What are you doing to feed your soul?” ~ This is the question Tiffany asked during our 1st call & the moment I realized that my life was about to completely change!

Tiffany’s perfectly designed 12-week workout plan not only transformed me physically but strengthened me mentally & emotionally! The program not only taught me how to sculpt my body but also helped me discover the foods & daily habits that were hindering my progress. The huge bonus though was the honor & privilege of having Tiffany as my coach throughout the program. She healed my soul & strengthened my body in ways I could not even have imagined. Tiffany helped me achieve beyond my goals for myself & what I thought my body was capable of. She definitely awakened the badass within me!

In August of 2018, doctors found 4 cysts & a nodule on my thyroid. Then I had 2 surgeries 6 weeks apart due to a Cancer scare with the last being a hysterectomy on NYE. So at 45 years old, my once very healthy & fit body was spiraling out of control mentally, hormonally, & physically. I tried for months to figure out my new heavier body on my own, but knew I had to finally reach out for help. Being a follower of Tiffany’s for a while, I admired her workout style & strength as a mother balancing it all! I knew her many years of experience & blunt honesty was exactly what I needed. Purchasing Tiffany’s 12 week program, I fell in love with the fact it focused on auto-immune Paleo foods which I had been researching all the benefits of. Then I saw that her workouts were SO thoughtfully designed & actually fit into my busy schedule. As a single mom of 2 boys who works 60-70 hours a week, I needed a workout plan that I could complete in an hour. She nailed it!! I seriously LOVED the circuits & variety of the workouts throughout the program!

What I didn’t expect was that after I purchased the program Tiffany posted about accepting new clients. So I took the leap to submit an application & was a completely honored when I received the email that she chose me! From that first phone call, it was clear that Tiffany was SO much more than just a coach. She had a deep desire to help me understand my new body. She made it clear that a transformation is a full mind & body experience… and I’m beyond grateful for that!

I have never felt stronger & more empowered. I completed this program not only while managing being a single mom to 2 boys, crazy work hours, rescue dogs, & a home but also while being out of town twice & my mother becoming very ill the last few weeks. If I can do it, anyone can!! Through Tiffany’s dedication, encouragement & guidance, she helped me learn that in order to transform, we must also feed our soul, always be mindful & most importantly, show up every day ready to Awaken the Badass within each of us!”

Wow, Tricia CRUSHED this program as we walked through it week by week, but she truly showed up and did the heavy lifting all her own…pun intended!  She took a more mindful approach to how she fueled her body and really put forth the effort in the gym and as mentioned, she really pushed through even during travel and moments when life doesn’t cooperate with our goals.  She wasn’t full of excuses, she was a straight boss and made herself a priority all the while dealing with those mighty speed bumps.  Clearly, they didn’t slow her down as she lost 14 lbs and  several pant sizes over our 12 weeks together. I’m proud to work with clients like Tricia that are willing to put in the work.  If that’s you, check out my program here! Makes a great gift for a health conscious friend this holiday season or perhaps you’ve been putting off putting in the work yourself.  Let me guide you as you show up big in the new year!

Excited to now be working on a fitness app and hope to bring it to life in early 2020, so please stay tuned!