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Tiffany Lee Gaston Ultimate Sandbag

Do you own a sandbag?  If not, I highly recommend this uniquely versatile piece of equipment.  If you are looking to outfit your gym with things you will in fact use, then this needs to be high on your priority list.  The bag I train with several days a week is by The Ultimate Sandbag Training Store.  No boys, they’re not all pink.

Tiffany Lee Gaston Ultimate Sandbag

There are several options available depending on the amount of weight you will be training with. I typically have 25-35 lbs in mine and it seems to do the trick for many of my HIIT workouts. Because I’m an avid Bodyrocker, I have a Dip Station, Ugi Ball, jump rope and a set of Power Blocks.

Besides running when possible, I train with these few pieces of equipment and get an amazing workout. It beats driving to the gym when you can complete a workouts in less time than it takes you to actually get there.

I love hitting the gym when I’m training for a show, but otherwise, I much prefer the minimalistic approach. I’m sorry to my trainer Andrea who seldom sees me these days. I do love you and you certainly kick my ass like nobody’s business. We call what she does Medieval, in fact.

Tiffany Lee Gaston Ultimate Sandbag

Beyond training hard, you must eat right and consume proper nutritional supplements to fill any voids. No matter how well you think you are eating, the vegetables grown today have a fraction of the nutrients they had 40 years ago.

Here’s the program I’m on everyday. I’ve never been good about taking my vitamins, but since making the commitment to myself nearly 4 months ago, I feel better than ever and have more energy than you can imagine. My kids even drink the shakes and love them.

Train hard, eat right and the results will follow. Keep a positive mental outlook and you will go far.

Live healthy,