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First, thank you for being such a fun, motivational part of the fitness world.

Here’s my why-
I started my fitness journey in 2012 when I found myself at the age of 33, completely out of shape, unhealthy (constantly battling colds and illnesses), easily fatigued and not happy with my physical appearance. I grew up being quite active and naturally lean, so this person I saw in the mirror was not my true self. I found a boot camp in the city I had just recently moved to and my life began to change. I developed better eating habits with the guidance of my trainer, worked out regularly and after nearly a year I had made significant progress toward my fitness goals. I then decided to take on a challenge from my trainers and began prep with them for a bikini competition with the WBFF. I followed that show with two more competitions and couldn’t believe the progress I had made with my body. By this time I had dropped over 20lbs, down over 10% body fat, and no more colds and illness! I was happier than I had been in my adult life. Then I realized that I had to learn to live a healthy lifestyle day in and day out, outside of contest prep. It has taken me a year but I have finally found balance.

I am so passionate about health and wellness now after doing tons of research and reading anything I can get my hands about nutrition and fitness. I am inspired by the many people I have seen commit to changing their lifestyle to live healthy. I only hope that I can give back by inspiring and helping others realize this same level of happiness and health by eating real food and incorporating fitness into their everyday lives.

I’m attaching a couple of progress pics over the past few years on this journey. The one on the right is my new natural, no crazy diets, no double cardio days, just balanced, healthy living (and absolutely no photoshop!) 😉

Way to go Oriana!  You’re definitely a badass!