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crockpot chicken

I found this recipe on Rubies and Radishes and thought it looked delicious and simple.  Anytime I can get out my crock pot, I’m all about it.

It allows me to throw healthy Paleo meals together earlier in the day when the kids are at school and the rest is done for me.  I will take the ease where I can.  Believe me, once they get home it’s chaos at it’s finest.

This recipe is comprised of ingredients I already had on hand.  I did, however, use dried versions of  some of the spices (parsley) and not fresh, but whose keeping dibs?  My apologies.

slow roast chicken

Here’s the recipe for Slow Cooker Macadamia Chicken Pesto from Rubies and Radishes.

The images used are mine, though I realize they suck.  I see these amazing photos on Nom Nom and many other foodie sites that look a professional photography came in and shot them.  I have an amazing camera that I got for Christmas.  Now, I just need to educate myself on how to operate.  The iPhone seems so much easier to operate. Again, my apologies.

Overall,  I would rate this 6 out of 10.  Excellent flavor, but my hubby seems to hate chicken that comes from the slow cooker.  Can’t do much about that except well, change the technique. The texture always seems much drier.  We would definitely repeat this one, but would marinate for at least an hour with the pesto and then grill.  Now your talkin!

I roasted some asparagus in olive oil, sea salt, pepper and garlic powder to accompany this dish.  It was tasty.


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