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Paleo Sausage and Peppers

Happy Friday! I’m away from home and just trying to get some work done…

It seems I’ve left my laptop charger at home, still plugged into the wall. Aargh! I’m so frustrated! Off to the Apple store we go.

I’m always looking for something new to try out and this product is a great find. I actually made this the other day for lunch and it took a matter of minutes.  Would be a great dinner meal with a salad too. This is a chicken sausage made by al fresco.  It’s all natural, gluten free and comes in a few different varieties. I have a roasted red pepper and asiago with mesquite smoke and sweet Italian with red and green peppers. This tasty little recipe is super simple and has minimal ingredients.  Two of my favorite things.

They are fully cooked and I just sauteed them up with some olive oil, onion, red, green and yellow bell peppers.

Garnished with cilantro.

Live healthy,

JTG Nutrition