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I confess, this is not my cooking. Looks pretty though, huh?

My husband had this for lunch the other day at the Pita Jungle sans brown rice.  It’s really quite simple to stick to your Paleo habits when dining out.  We frequent this restaurant because they use lots of fresh, local grown produce, plenty of healthy options whether you are Paleo, vegetarian or just looking for a great meal.  And the owner, Andy, he’s just a great guy too.  I do miss hummus though 🙁

This is my curry chicken salad also sans the brown rice it would ordinarily come with.  As long as you are clear in how you ask for your food preparation, it’s a no brainer.  Now, on the contrary, the servers aren’t always paying attention which frustrates the heck out of me.  So it seems, if you want things done right…well, you know the rest.  You’d otherwise be stuck home cooking or prepping all the time so it’s wise to attempt it anyway.

Mark Sisson’s recipe for Tikka Masala is something I plan to try this week. I will post my own pictures once I make it.

I love to cook with lots of flavor so I will be looking forward to trying this Tikka Masala recipe at home too.

Live healthy,

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