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Grilled Teryaki Chicken with Smashed Butternut Squash

I’m a grillin’ fool right now. I love summer time, but it’s so hot in the AZ that we do all we can to stay cool. I think it’ll be 111 degrees today, so you can understand why I like to avoid turning on my oven. In fact, our pool is too hot to swim in. Ridiculous really.

This gave me an opportunity to try a new, handmade, award winning salsa that a friend recently dropped off. I thought it sounded great to top this meal with it the day she stopped by.

I decided to try the Salsa Patron Easy Does It (mild) salsa first. I opted not to burn the kids. Well, let me tell you, it was a smash hit. My kids couldn’t’ get enough of this delicious and fresh, flavorful handmade salsa.

Here’s the low down on Award Winning Salsa Patron:

Salsa Patron salsas are fresh and hand chopped. They contain no preservatives and are GF (gluten free).

Must be refrigerated and has a “shelf life” of about 65 days.

24 oz jars sell for 8.99 plus tax and shipping

Currently 6 flavors with a 7th on it’s way soon. I’m totally digging the names too.
Flavors as follows:
Mild: Easy Does It

Also Mild with extra cilantro: Seriously Cilantro

Medium: Middle of the Road

Medium with extra garlic, onion, Anaheim chili and cilantro: It’s All That and More

Regular Hot: Hot Stuff

Hot with Ghost Chili: Too Hot to Handle

Coming soon . . . Hot with Trinidad Scorpion Chile: Stupid Hot!

Orders can be taken through our email: SalsaPatron@yahoo.com

Product should be in production in the next 3-4 weeks, but possibly sooner.
You can like their Facebook page at Salsa Patron.

smashed butternut squash

I typically buy or make salsa because it’s a great Paleo friendly topping for meals, in salads in place of dressing or in a wrap. Salsa Patron is delicious and adds a little or a lot of zing to your meal depending on your preference. I did make the mistake of using the super hot stuff on a meal last night (in all honestly a lot of it) and was near tears. It hurt so good!

You can taste the quality and freshness in every bite. I also love that they are preservative free. I can see why they are award winning and so will you.

Stay cool,

JTG Nutrition