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Tiffany Lee Gaston

I’m so glad it’s Friday. I have visualized this day all week. I’m physically and mentally tired. The weekend allows for a bit less structure and more freedom from the everyday grind of training, lunch packing, backpack chucking, bus driving, chef, household manager and referee. I will have one complete day of nothingness and then one active rest day which will be a run or some plyo. After a weekend, I am usually ready to kick it into overdrive again, which is just what I need.

On that note, I was having some mental block so I decided to do some goal setting. It is important to have goals and especially to write them down. The writing them down part is the most important of it all. If you write something down, you can begin the most amazing part of your journey, the visualization. Writing it down forces you to imagine how you will get there. Otherwise you are just daydreaming which will get you nowhere, but that’s fun too.

Once you write them down, you can categorize them into short term or long term goals. If you want a a fancy car, go car shopping this weekend. Put yourself in the presence or space of whatever it is you aspire to have. Then, you can feel the feelings you will have once you have acquired such a thing.

This song always makes me think… no matter how bad it seems, I really do have all the right tools to get where I’m going.

Have a great weekend!