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Hey badass tribe!

Not sure how we finally made it here, because January felt endless!  Can you attest? What is it about the holidays, resolutions and the like, that just make January feel like it will never end? Oh wait, all of the above! It felt like it dragged on endlessly, especially due in part to some big news I’ve been sitting on and unable to share…until now!

If you caught my last post here, you know I had some issues with my FB/IG accounts and opted to dump both and start over.  Well, that’s part of the challenge now, I don’t really feel like starting over, building them up again, catering tirelessly to them, interacting within and all that comes with it and therefore at this moment, I won’t.

It’s ok to want to share openly and it’s ok to take a break from it to regather thoughts and refocus on goals.  That’s truly where I am right now and due to the big announcement my daughter was finally able to share this past week, it just feels right in this moment.  If you didn’t see it, be sure to check it out here: https://bit.ly/2w9tzJk.   Needless to say, we are very proud and it may explain much of my whereabouts and why a bit more 😉

That said, new habits and even simply returning to old positive ones, can be quite a challenge to redirect once we’ve gotten off track.  It’s the new, not-so-great habits we pick up in their absence that can be the true detriment, especially if we allow them to take over.  Added indulgences over the holidays, alcohol, less sleep, more social events, less training and then boom, we are supposed to recreate our life in one perfectly bulleted list and reveal to others all the things we feel flawed or less-than in, that need work or that have simply taken a backseat to more important things.  Remember all that?!  Oddly, the gym is already dead, so perhaps many do not.

We come out of the gates hard and often beat ourselves up when things don’t fall in line as we had hoped or as quickly as expected.  The true reason so many lose their way and feel so overwhelmed.  Many of you want to be in great health and shape, but without living in the gym and that’s what my training looks like these days.

I’ve wanted to streamline the process for you and ultimately it has been my goal to offer a fitness app for ease of following along, access to recipes, grocery lists and more. A community you can connect with like-minded individuals, a place to mindlessly follow along and the results will keep you engaged.  I’m proud to announce my app will launch this Friday, February 14th as a BETA version for a limited time, I’m offering it at 50% off.  I’m eager to hear your feedback and suggestions, so it was my preference to launch in this manner, so don’t miss out because the price will increase soon!

Click here to check it out now and happy Valentine’s Day to you! https://bit.ly/2HhjHzv