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Tiffany Lee GastonI realize I haven’t posted many new recipes lately and this one actually came about last night as a trial and error with a new flavor of protein I’ve just bought.  I love Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey and use many different flavors of it to bake with and supplement my diet with on occasion.

I call this recipe Paleo(ish), because I realize cavemen didn’t have wonderful things such as supplements, however, all other ingredients besides the whey are Paleo.  That’s good news if you are modified like me or just gluten free in general.  The way I see it, God made epidurals, so I decided to go with that too for all three of my pregnancies, so I prefer to pick my poison as a general rule of thumb. If you are anti-protein powder, I have Paleo Pancake recipes on here that contain no whey so check those out too.

I made this recipe two ways and the initial one was my preference, but I share both so you can decide.  The addition of Chia seeds is what messed up the consistency for me and really dried them out because they absorb so much liquid.  To compensate, just add some almond milk.  Either way, these are really tasty.


Makes 3 large or 4 small pancakes

1 scoop Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey in Banana Cream

1/2 C almond meal

1 egg

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 large banana

1 scoop (15g) chia seeds (optional)

*If using Chia seeds, you will need a splash of coconut or almond milk to rehydrate a bit


Whisk egg and add all other ingredients.  Combine well. In a large pan coated with coconut oil over medium heat, drop 2-3 pancakes and cook about 2-3 minutes each side.  Check to flip when outer edges bubble a bit.  Serve with almond butter for a clean, healthy breakfast or anytime treat.