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Tiffany Lee Gaston

Are you a frequent traveler?  If so, don’t get caught with your excuse pack on when it comes to making time for your workout.  As seen here, Josh Henkin of Ultimate Sandbag, shows how easy it is to bring this versatile piece of equipment anywhere you go.  Made even simpler now with the creation of the water filler insert, this go-anywhere training tool with give you no excuse to kick your own butt at home or on the go.  I’ve done this workout and it’s a good one.  I actually set my timer instead of doing a set number of reps.  I did it as a 15/40 meaning 15 seconds rest, 40 seconds work.  I completed 15 rounds and loved every minute of it.

When I was on the road for 3.5 weeks in early June, I made sure to train hard with bodyweight workouts when I couldn’t locate sand for my bag.  If you were following my posts during that time, you also know I even did workouts at 70 mph going down the highway.  No kidding.  We travelled 5000 miles and crossed 18 state lines.Now what was your excuse?  Want to tell me you are not in the mood?  You should always be “in the mood” to feel and look your best.  Especially when you can bang it out in just minutes and get on with your day.  When I don’t make time for myself, that’s when my kids tell me “Mommy your mean.  You need to go sweat.”  I guess they know me or something.Now that I have the water filler insert, I really have NO EXCUSES!  Just being able to train in your hotel room or a nearby park will keep you on point when you are away from home.  Be creative, be prepared and plan ahead.  Now go sweat!
Live healthy,