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12646668_810556615747089_3424317924378980427_oWhy Women Should Lift Weights?

Many of us enjoy the benefits of weight training for the insanely long list of positive effects it can have in our lives, however, there are also many women who still fear that old, tired myth that it will make them bulky or manly looking, simply because of their lack of understanding. We all have a genetic predisposition to be a certain shape and size, but from there, we have the amazing ability to sculpt our muscles by incorporating resistance training.  You don’t get big and bulky by accident, it takes years of training, tons of the right kinds of food and supplementation to achieve such a look.  You can’t slip and fall and become a bodybuilder, believe me, I’ve been lifting for over 20 years!

The misconception a large percentage of women share that prevents them from picking up the weights, is the very same misconception prohibiting them from evoking any change in their current physique. If you want to significantly change your body, you have to add some form of resistance training or you’re on a never-ending treadmill, pun intended!  I’m sure you’ve seen this in your own gym; the exact same people showing up 5 days a week, year round, doing the exact same cardio machines.  What is one thing they all have in common?  They look the exact same as they always have!  Sure, they are burning fat, but they are also burning valuable muscle and doing nothing to promote growing and strengthening their muscles.

While cardio is great for heart health and fat burning, doing it exclusively will do little to change the shape of your body.  So, if change is what you’re after, as most of us are, it’s time to get on board with the idea and drop the fear of weights.

Here’s some of the many benefits to incorporate the iron:

  • Improved Sleep (Sleep is important to grow muscle!)
  • Improved energy (We can all use more of that!)
  • Improved mood (Like a dose of happiness within each workout)
  • Boosts your metabolism / accelerates fat loss (yay, you can eat MORE!)
  • Strengthens Bones (none of us want to break a hip)
  • Healthier Heart (females have higher risk of heart disease)
  • Builds strength to perform everyday activities (Move your own furniture!)
  • Improves libido (woohoo, more sex!)
  • Improved posture / strengthening joints (stand tall and confident!)

It doesn’t take much to change your body.  With a clean diet being number one, the addition of weight training just twice per week can do wonders.  If you don’t know your way around the weight room, just know we all start somewhere, it’s nothing you should allow to hold you back.  Ask a friend to be a training partner, hire a personal trainer to show you the ropes or research workout ideas online to gain some great insight.  Before you know it, you’ll experience a newfound strength and confidence that can be highly addicting and you’ll have a bangin bod to go with it!

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