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Happy Move Your A$$ Monday!

Hope your weekend was full of all the good stuff!  My daughter had a gig Friday night and we were able to relax a bit, hang with some great friends we hadn’t seen in far too long and enjoy the cooler morning temps for a nice change of pace.  We are so ready for it!

I wanted to share a workout to get you moving this morning.  Something you can’t avoid due to lack of time, lack of gym or some other excuse, because it’s right here.  I’m delivering it directly to your inbox, so you don’t even have to think about it.  Mindless fitness…that’s what I’m all about these days.  That’s what I’m doing here, so let’s all get on TEAM NO EXCUSES and do the dang thang!  Check it out and if you enjoy it, please hit that like and subscribe button!

If you don’t have my 12-week trainer or my app, my Youtube channel has several real time workouts you can throw into your rotation and you can workout right alongside me.  I’m hopeful to fire up some new content there, once I’m cleared to train again.  This arm is making me insane, but patience is allowing it to heal beautifully now, though that’s not doing any wonders for my mental health, if you feel me!🤯

Let’s set the tone for our week with a good dose of endorphins, so grab a chair, bench, box or any sturdy object of a similar height (plus- some weights to add to further challenge you-optional) and let’s go team! And be sure to check out my new Paleo/AIP webinar at the link below and let’s fire it up your goals before the holidays are soon upon us! 🔥

In good health,
Tiffany Lee Gaston