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Mind Body Connection

Beginning any fitness journey or continuing to find success within your existing one can be challenging. It is so important to stay connected and excited to what you are doing, because once you allow the monotony too creep in; it becomes far easier to let off the gas, citing a plethora of excuses. A healthy body begins from the inside out, not the outside in, as many would believe. If you don’t have the genuine passion and determination to change, it’s fairly simple, you won’t!

Many use excuses to avoid bettering themselves, but ultimately, the understanding between the mind/body connection will help you discover a different perspective when it comes to the way you train. If you merely go through the motions, day in and day out, you’ll be left falling flat, there is no way around it. The great news is, you don’t have to be one of these people!

For you to remain consistent and for any good fitness program to work, you must execute. When our head isn’t in the game, it shows whether we choose to believe it or not. If you are truly passionate about your outlook and maintain a positive perspective, it will help ensure you won’t get bored along the journey.




Stay Positive

Most people feed their bodies healthfully, but neglect their minds. If you simply take 10-15 minutes each morning to read something positive, it will help the day roll off your back. Personal development comes in many forms, but whatever it is you subscribe to, keep that positivity fresh and top of mind so you don’t get hung up on life’s little speed bumps.

Keep it Moving

Change up your training and workouts every 4-6 weeks, not only to keep your muscles guessing, but to also keep boredom at bay. Adaptation happens to all of us, so keep those workouts exciting by alternating reps/sets/training style and technique at least monthly.

Get out of your comfort zone

 Playing it safe is no fun! Do something to really rock your world and when you find success at it, you’ll discover pride in pushing yourself as well. Even if you decide you will never do it again, at least you’ve got the shirt now and can say you tried it! Add a different training style, join a different gym, try an obstacle course race, whatever it is that would really stretch you a bit from your daily routine. You may discover a new interest and never look back or at the least, find something different to implement to keep things fresh.

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