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Want nice, sculpted arms that look great this summer?  Of course you do!  Good thing shoulder pads haven’t been in style since my mom wore them in the 80’s.  If they were, I certainly would not need them since I’ve built my own, hehe.

Here’s a sample workout of something I might currently do.  I have a love for functional training, but lately, I’ve needed to sculpt and shape each muscle group with intention and purpose as a figure athlete.  I enjoy the change, but really miss the fun of blasting out an intense 15-20 minute workout.  I know I will return to it at some point and I definitely incorporate it whenever possible.


4-5 sets of 15,12,12,10,8 reps of each exercise

Focus on starting lighter and going heavier towards the end of the workout.  If doing 15 reps at 10 pounds is not challenging you, you need heavier weights.  Make every rep count!

  • dumbbell shoulder press
  • side lateral raises
  • front raises
  • rear lateral raises
  • incline flies
  • incline chest press
  • flat chest press
  • flat chest flies
  • dumbbell overhead tricep extensions
  • straight bar skull crushers
  • tricep cable pushdowns with rope
  • tricep kickbacks
  • bench dips until burnout after each tricep exercise

I also superset groupings of 2-3 exercises to get this workout done in under 45 minutes.  Keep it burning!