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If you’ve had a child and then noticed you now occasionally leak urine, pee while jumping on a trampoline or wet your pants while laughing too hard, you might want to listen up, because you are far from alone.

Aside from having an invasive medical procedure to help repair the situation, the kegel is an exercise that supports and strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor, inclusive of your uterus, bladder, small intestine & rectum.

Many benefits come from the strengthening of these muscles and here are just a few great reasons to do just 10 kegels, 3 times/day:

-Provides urinary/bowel support 

-Provides support to several organs 

-Assist in normal vaginal delivery 

-Recovery from vaginal delivery 

-Ease symptoms of menopause 

-Improved sexual health

-Improved vaginal tone 

-Ease prostrate issues in men

-Improved erections 

-Improved ORGASMS FTW!

Need I say more?! All pretty great reasons to do your kegels!

To perform a proper kegel, simply imagine you are stopping the flow of urine midstream by squeezing the muscles responsible and aim to hold for 3 seconds each. Can you feel that? I’m pretty sure we all just collectively performed one…pretty cool! And yes, men…you have this ability/control and should be doing them too for many of the aforementioned benefits! 

So while many of us now have nothing but time on our hands, here is something highly productive you can be taking advantage of. I had the idea to make bracelets as a reminder to perform your kegels daily. So whether you are at the gym, sitting in traffic, or working at your computer, you can effectively strengthen another very important muscle!

Get your daily kegel reminder bracelet!