Tiffany Lee Gaston


Tiffany Lee Gaston

In becoming a wife and mother, I realized many years ago just how easy it was to get lost in these very important roles.  As I personally experienced this at one point, I made a choice to always remain true to myself.  I feel that because of who I am, I can only be a better wife and mother, so I must never loose sight of that.   As a mother, I too have dreams, goals and aspirations and it’s easy to fade into the background in caring for a family.  In an ongoing effort to better myself and continue my own journey of personal growth, this has become my place to share my voice with you.

Over the years, I’ve been asked on quite a regular basis, “what do you do, what do you eat, how do you train?”  I’ve discovered that in answering these questions time and again, I actually love to share this part of myself with others.   If even one person makes better food choices, finds their passion for fitness, or discovers a love of all things Paleo, then I’m grateful to be a part of it.  I’ve found in myself the ability to inspire and motivate others and nothing has ever made me feel more empowered.

From real life issues relating to kids and family to fitness and Paleo recipes, I want to write about things that are most impactful to me.  If it helps you in your journey as well, then I’m so grateful to be a part of it.  Living a life of gratitude is a life long goal of mine.