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Today we volunteered our time to fitting several hundred children with new sneakers.  A friend of ours, has been doing this for years and we decided this was the right charity to participate in this year.  We always feel passionate towards causes that benefit children, so this fit the match.  The school we visited was for homeless children and it was quite an eye-opening experience for my eldest two daughters. who attended and helped fit these kids as well.

After several hours, we walked out of the school and back to our happy reality.  We all seemed wiped out, but more in a mental and emotional sense than anything physical.  Having witnessed many of these children light up from the gift of new sneakers, you couldn’t help but feel enlightened.  These children lived in foster homes, halfway houses, shelters and some even in cars.  It saddens me to think these children were born into this type of life, having never had a choice otherwise…

I had a connection with several children today and it was amazing to watch their little faces light up in my presence.  I wondered about their lives and where they came from, where there parents are and if they had any and endless other questions flittered through my head.  I hugged many of these children, wondering if anyone ever gives them love and affection.  It broke my heart to realize that with just 2 more days left until their holiday break, many of these children will miss out on 2 meals a day that are provided by the school.  My eyes connected with my husband’s and it was understood that we were really making a difference.

The time and money spent to provide nearly 500 pairs of sneakers to these kids was so significant in contributing a smile to many children today that would otherwise not receive a single thing this holiday season.  I believe in my heart, that my own children have a newfound respect and appreciation for the life they live.

This holiday season and always, it is so important to give back.  If even just a little, the kindness and generosity of others is a gift in itself.  Never underestimate the value of your time, for it can mean the world to another.

Happy holidays to you and yours!

In good health,