Giving Back

For many years, it’s been my heart’s greatest passion to give back to the community by way of the many charities I choose to support. I’ve found great fulfillment in serving several nonprofit organizations here in Arizona over the years. Among them, I enjoyed my time as the secretary of the board of the #LoveUP Foundation, founded by local radio show hosts JohnJay and Rich. The #Loveup Foundation places a focus on raising funds and awareness on those most vulnerable in our community, specifically children in foster care. A truly eye-opening experience to comprehend the sheer number of children in the system here and beyond, along with the many hurdles they face as they age out and the ability to provide adequate resources to these children ongoing.

After my 3-year-stint with #LoveUP, I felt called to align myself with Chrysalis, a nonprofit organization with goals to provide a safe haven for individuals and families in need of breaking free from a life riddled with fear and violence. After supporting them for several years from afar, I wanted to participate in an even greater capacity and assisted in the planning of their annual gala this past year. We were so honored to have additionally been named co-chairs at their annual Chrysalis and DODV Gala (Driving Out Domestic Violence) in November 2019. If you’ve had the opportunity to read my memoir, From Broken to Badass, you’ll understand where my passion to support this incredible nonprofit was born from.

My latest interest comes during this most tumultuous year and all impacted by COVID. With eyes wide open to truth, I am ever more aware at how impacted we are by child sex trafficking and have pivoted to focus my efforts towards O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) and have a clear understanding how minorities, children in foster care and beyond, are targeted and impacted by this ongoing issue of child trafficking and the many forms it comes in. I am ever aware at how we need to place focus in this area more than ever and in just how many children go missing worldwide annually as part of this massive industry. We must protect our children and all helpless children.

Whatever you choose to support in your community, I hope you know how valuable your heart and time can be when gifted to others and how fulfilling it is to give back. To me, there is no greater gift than giving the gift of our time, our hearts, our love and our desire to help those in need. That will never go out of style.