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THE VOICE — “Battle Reality” — Pictured: (l-r) Chelle, Megan Danielle, Sara Collins, Samantha Howell, Mandi Thomas, Kelly Clarkson, Micah Iverson, Tayler Green, Jules, Gigi Hess, Anya Cheyenne — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Well, it would seem the world has gone absolutely mad since I last checked in with you.  I was thrilled to finally share the exciting news about our daughter Jules’ audition for The Voice, then we departed for a two week long vacation to Dubai and the Maldives in celebration of our 20-year wedding anniversary, (and had to celebrate her audition abroad) and then all hell seems to have broken loose in the interim.  Sad to say the least, but life never promised us to be fair…so here we all are, in this pile of dog shit together. 

We have returned to this sad reality, though I can share the ripple was most certainly felt on the other side of the world and all in between.  Had it been just a few days later, we likely wouldn’t have taken this trip for now.  Things eerie and uncertain all along the way, up to and including being on a private island in the Maldives, until our long departure back to this side of the world. Occupancy was down to roughly 20% and we seldom ran into other travelers.  The resort locked down all incoming and outgoing visitors and was testing their staff twice daily.  Still, we were at the complete mercy of everyone that had handled/prepped our food for the previous 2 weeks, so a bit unsettling to say the least.  Both incredible and yet scary to consider we may have gotten stuck far away from home and our kiddos and yet sadly we have some friends whom haven’t been so fortunate coming back home.  The impact has been felt globally.

I was to return to a press tour with my girl who has worked forever for a moment like this, only to have it currently overshadowed by the darkness that prevails all around.  I know this will change in time, but my heart hurts for all who have lost jobs, income and opportunity during the interim.  We will bounce back hard, but unfortunate in any case. 

Jules- Team Kelly

So for now, I will encourage you the best I can with the notion of controlling only what we personally can. You may now be working from home and delegating battle rounds amongst your own children, but where there is love, there is LIGHT!  We must hold tightly to faith and optimism during this uncertain time and know we are always given what we are capable of handling, no matter how grave things feel at the time.  God clearly thinks we are all badasses, capable of so much MORE!  Challenge accepted! Let’s do this together! 

That said, I challenge you to hold firmly to that and to continue to create the best work ethic and environment for yourself and your young impressionable minds that are always watching/modeling behaviors and together we will climb back to the surface.  In our home we have a delegated home-school schedules, chores, activities and workouts and are doing our best to maintain any semblance of normalcy.  We are cooking together, eating meals together, watching tv and playing games together….so I will hold firmly to that silver lining for now.  I am, however, drinking more than ever, so whatever gets you through 😉

In an effort to share hope and positivity, stay tuned to NBC to continue watching season 18 of The Voice, as the Battles have begun and you will again see our girl grinding hard after her life’s passion and in sharing it with the masses, so be sure to tune in Monday, April 6th!  I feel we need music, hope and a united front now more than ever. It’s a beautiful thing to watch our friends on the show each week and hold on to the things we find solace in, outside of the current news. 

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Please hold on to your happy and together we WILL rise again!