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Do you keep a journal?

Whether for meals, fitness, life goals or memories, I keep a journal that I write in each night.  I empty my brain in my messiest handwriting in an effort of having a conscientious reflection back on what is most important to me.  It would otherwise be a passing thought or just a dream, but writing it down where I can reflect back on it keeps me motivated.  I also have pretty crappy short term memory, due to my spastic nature,  and would otherwise forget half the things I once found of interest if I didn’t write them down.

Journaling has helped me to gain clarity and discover what is most important to me.   Occasionally, when I’m writing about a concern I’ve had, the answer will flow to me through my writing.  Self doubt dissipates and I discover the answer I was looking for.  Releasing anger in this way has been helpful as well.  Rather than reacting emotionally in a situation, if I can write down how I’m feeling, I can release it or realize a better way to handle it.  Writing down all the unsavory things you’d like to say to someone and just throwing it away allows you to release those feelings of anger that could otherwise destroy a relationship.

It’s all about holding yourself accountable.  A vision and the execution of the necessary steps to achieve your goals will best be made a commitment by writing it down.

All the best!