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I’d like to think so.  Well I do know one thing for certain, it’s good for my attitude!

The antioxidants in red wine are called polyphenols. These polyphenols may help to protect the lining in the blood vessels of your heart. Also known as resveratrol, this polyphenol has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, that may lower blood sugar and benefit the cardiovascular system, and possibly offer life extension.  Huh? Who knew I was so scientific in my own personal studies of red wine drinking.  A fluke?  Maybe so.

Red wine has significantly higher levels of resveratrol than white wine varieties due to the fermentation process with the skin on versus off as with white wines.  How much is considered beneficial for you?  One four ounce glass for a woman and 1-2 for a man.  No, more isn’t better, so downing the bottle will not reap the same benefits as the aforementioned amounts.  I tend to notice a bit more incidence of headaches associated with red wine.  In my personal studies that is 🙂

So go ahead, enjoy wine in moderation, as with all things in life.  Cheers!