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In the instant I decided to hit the delete button, I was all in.  It had begun to feel like a chore. That’s when I took control and did something about it.  I’m no stranger to social media and the continual race to remain relevant, as I like to refer to it.  I have been sharing my journey for many years and with passion and in the true spirit of helping others.  In doing so, it has offered a platform to connect with many of you from all over the world.  That’s always been a pretty powerful thought to me and one I hold such gratitude for.  Then, it all changed.

In 2012, I jumped on a new little app known as Instagram and found a bevy of pretty images and inspiration galore, easily outdone by the need to showcase everyone’s highlight reel.  This quickly became my platform of preference and I focused lots of time and dedication to maintain it regularly.  For me, this was typically one daily post and the ongoing exposure of many different aspects of my world via my daily story.  I am quite a private person in all reality, but the ability to share some of my world was fun and the feedback was great. Many seemed to appreciate my humor, authenticity and the value of content I provide, something I have always strived to bring to the forefront.  That said, it’s hard to imagine I was able to delete over 30K people and my entire account in one quick swoop, after spending the past 8 years growing it.  I took it’s power away in an instant and have already gained so much more.

The decision was made far easier due to Facebook locking me out from my own advertising privileges some many months back with no valid explanation.  It impacted both of my accounts, FB & IG, the platforms I spent the greatest amount of time sharing and growing for so many years.  To be told the decision was final by a damn bot made me nearly lose my mind.  I tried relentlessly to appeal and sought human assistance to no avail. I felt if I could no longer monetize my own brand and likeness amongst the largest social platforms I have, then screw it, I’m out.  But just like always, cooler heads prevail and I became determined to find a way around the issue to seek resolution.  The clarity I’ve had in the interim has motivated such growth and the interest to learn once again.

Through this experience, (that began back in November, even though the frustration began last spring) I have had such self reflection and growth.  Being fully present in my own life has likely been the greatest outcome.  The need to capture every outing, photoshoot, workout, recipe, meal, my makeup and skin care routine, outfit, the products I use, the latest workout clothes, not to mention hawking everyone else’s stuff because I am an “influencer” had simply become so distracting and draining.  I couldn’t focus on actually enjoying any of those moments, because I was lost in the process of bringing them to you via a tiny square that only lives on your phone.  WTF, like really, what in the AF are we doing people?  Habits die hard, unless you cut them off at the source and so I did and it’s an incredibly powerful feeling.  It had become something of a chore and something that no longer brought about anything it initially intended.  No joy, no true monetary benefit and yet was sucking the life out of me.  Ultimately, it provided a connection to strangers and forced my attention from those most important in real life.  Funny how sucked in we can become doing something we think we are expected to do in this realm.  I am ever aware that those that want my content can find me and interact with me right here.  I have no control over that platform and should it disappear tomorrow, I’d have lost it all regardless.  This is my community, I’ve grown it for the past 8+ years, so why shouldn’t I be the one in control of it all?   I made a choice that shocked many and have never been more excited and eager to spend more of my time in a far more productive manner.  Something I hope many of you will take away from my experience.  If I don’t have access to my own followers and FB or IG does, something is very wrong here…EYES WIDE OPENED NOW.

It was on my heart to share my journey to encourage you in the same way.  If something is overwhelming you and is far more work than it’s worth, not providing any true sense of return with the exception of validation by strangers, or causing harm to your own perspective in making you feel “less than” you have to absolute ability to take it’s power away.  That is what I did and I feel so free in doing so.  You may find me back on there, but just know it’ll all be on my terms and not under the vice that I must create and post daily, because I’m continually chasing relevancy…something I have an abundance of in reality and in my own world.  I had to prove to myself I didn’t need to remain committed to something no longer bringing happiness or any true added value to my world.

For now, all I can say is I’d love to connect with you more right here.  This is my home and I welcome you in it.  It’s a safe place to share and I’ll always strive to provide you with a reason to return. I have some amazing opportunities on the horizon and look forward to bringing more details to you soon.  I am working on my own fitness app and hope to release it early this year.  Once again, I have felt overwhelmed by the need to do “all of the things” but I am choosing to take on only what brings true happiness, adds value to my life and provides something beneficial for you.  If it doesn’t look like that, I will be opting to release it and place more value in myself, continuing to learn, grow and explore and I’m grateful to have you along for the ride.  This is my journey and I have never been more in control of it.  That’s a wonderful feeling and I haven’t felt it for some time.


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XO –