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Week 11- Figure Show Prep

James Patrick Photography

This week marks an important point in my training and prep thus far.  I hit a few road blocks early last week, but nothing that has any impact on where I will end up.  Only the part that impacts the way in which I will get there.

I’ve said that I would be doing both bikini and figure because my understanding was that you could cross over.  I came to find out early last week after speaking to the show promoter, that this just isn’t so.  For clarification, I received this answer, “you can not do both bikini and figure, you must pick one.  Bikini and figure may cross over into fitness, but not each other.”  Huh?  If you think I may have been a bit disappointed, you’d be on the money.  I’m not sure what any other organizations allow, but the NPC apparently does not.

I asked him what the judges criteria was and was left even more confused.  If bikini and figure are two distinct looks and I’m in between, where do I fit in?  Which way do I go?  Ultimately, that is my question to answer.  Now that I know where I’m headed, I’m going hard.  I have a clearer idea in my mind now of what needs to be done.  In my frustration, I have found my own answers and for that,  I am grateful

After having my bodyfat tested last week, my instincts were correct.  I was sitting at 10.3% at week 10.  I don’t have to do much leaning out from here, just tweaking my overall shape.  I had a clear vision this entire time, I was a tweener.  As a tweener, my opinion was to give myself the best opportunity by playing both sides.  Now that is no longer an option, but I will not be taking my ball and going home.  Rather, I’ve decided to kick it straight up the ass of the figure division.

Live healthy,