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Tiffany Lee GastonHappy Veterans Day!  I’m proud to be an American and grateful each day for my freedom that has not gone without the sacrifices of brave men and women in service.  You are most honorable!

I said I would see you on the other side and here I am.  I won Figure Open C Class this weekend at the NPC Western Regionals!  After a very eventful weekend, I’m excited  to spend some time with family and friends to celebrate.  I am ecstatic that I’ve qualified for Nationals.  Oh the joy of not eating from Ziploc baggies, drinking from a gallon jug, eating asparagus with every meal or having to carry a cooler with me everywhere I go.  I’m free and don’t even know what to do with myself.  I’m reveling in this moment for just a bit, but I will be back to share highlights, recipes, workouts and more very soon.   After a day of indulgence, I think I’ve had every piece of Halloween candy I missed out on and more cupcakes than I can count.  I’m over it now and ready to move on.  It doesn’t feel very good eating it but it sure was fun for a day.

I think I’ll go run a few miles now that I’m allowed.  Happy happy!