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Tiffany Lee GastonHappy Veterans Day!  I’m proud to be an American and grateful each day for my freedom that has not gone without the sacrifices of brave men and women in service.  You are most honorable!

I said I would see you on the other side and here I am.  I won Figure Open C Class this weekend at the NPC Western Regionals!  After a very eventful weekend, I’m excited  to spend some time with family and friends to celebrate.  I am ecstatic that I’ve qualified for Nationals.  Oh the joy of not eating from Ziploc baggies, drinking from a gallon jug, eating asparagus with every meal or having to carry a cooler with me everywhere I go.  I’m free and don’t even know what to do with myself.  I’m reveling in this moment for just a bit, but I will be back to share highlights, recipes, workouts and more very soon.   After a day of indulgence, I think I’ve had every piece of Halloween candy I missed out on and more cupcakes than I can count.  I’m over it now and ready to move on.  It doesn’t feel very good eating it but it sure was fun for a day.

I think I’ll go run a few miles now that I’m allowed.  Happy happy!


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Just came across your page and I am already in LOVE! I just started competing Figure this year, July 2012 was my very first show. I competed in the NPC Terminator (Miles Production) and placed 5th, and then I went to the NPC LA (Culver City) show the next weekend and placed 11th. Something happened with my diet between shows and I spilled over really bad for my second show.

I have since been trying to gain as much knowledge as I can on different competition prep diets. I am a big fan of modified paleo, and I saw that you were going to try to go at this comp prep using a paleo method. I also saw you had VICTORY this November! Congratulations on your big win! I was wondering if you were able to use paleo throughout your cut, and how that worked for you? I am considering going that same route. Thanks and congratulations!

Many thanks for your kind words 🙂 Although I truly attempted to remain exclusively Paleo throughout my show prep, I discovered that in order for muscle to have the appearance it needs on stage, a small amount of grain had to be added to my diet. I changed over to my Team Bombshell diet around 6 weeks out, at which time I introduced a small bit of grain. I searched unsuccessfully for ways to go without, but in speaking to more experienced athletes, I realized it would be necessary. I wasn’t thrilled to add it in, but the results were definitely worth it. I am now back to Paleo ways.

If you come across any more information on this topic, I’d love to hear from you. Good luck with your training!


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