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Tiffany Lee Gaston

Sometimes you just want to switch it up a bit.  Here’s a go-to workout I like to do at home when I have an off day from the gym or in need of some variety.  This is no simple workout, but you can modify your speed to accommodate your needs.  I’ve done this for 5 rounds and started at 7.0 mph and gone as high as 9.0 mph.  It’s all based on your fitness level, but you get the general idea.

If you need to, you can also modify by doing half burpees (no push up) if you do not have the upper body strength yet to do the full burpee.  Stick with it and you will gain strength over time and be able to complete as written.

Warm up for 5 minutes

1/4 mile run 6.0

15 burpees

1/4 mile run 7.0

15 burpees

1/4 mile run 7.5

15 burpees

1/4 mile run 8.0

15 burpees

1/4 mile run 8.5

15 burpees

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Hi Tiffany, How many minutes rest between each round?

Hi there! There is no rest. Complete the workout as listed and take note of how long it takes you. When you return to this workout in the future, aim to improve your time. Good luck, its a tough one 😉

I love this even though the treadmill and I have a love/hate relationship! Never thought to mix the two. I may do this on my outdoor runs. If you see a short blonde girl running around Scottsdale and stopping intermittently for burpees, you will know its me 😉

Hope this isn’t a stupid question, but 5 rounds, as in a total of 6.25 miles in total?

It’s a 1/4 mile 5 times so it’s 1.25 miles total.


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