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Tiffany Lee Gaston

Having a child is nothing short of a miracle.  From nine months of weight gain to the challenging task of losing it, what’s a new mom to do?  Research shows that nearly 50% of women gain more than the recommended amount of pregnancy weight.  That can really leave you in a bind after baby is born and the pounds remain.  Well you certainly didn’t gain the weight overnight, so having the unrealistic expectation to lose it overnight will only serve to stress you out further.  Here are my top five tips to help lose those unwanted pounds after baby.

Sleep, take it when you can get it

Though not always easy to relax when there is laundry and dishes to be done, utilizing baby’s naptime to catch up on a few extra Z’s yourself is a major necessity.  The body requires ample sleep for the regulation of metabolism, weight, mood and a plethora of other health factors.  Not getting enough can be the missing link to your weight loss goals, even if all else is on point.  Sleep is golden!


Though I realize breastfeeding your newborn is a very personal choice, studies show that nursing helps drop baby weight more quickly than in women who do not.  The act of producing milk burns approximately 300-500 calories in a day in addition to the bond it helps to establish with your new little one.  Incorporating breastfeeding will help expedite weight loss rapidly as well as allowing you the ability to eat more calories.  That’s a win-win!

Exercise with baby

It can seem an impossibility to find any time in your day to work out with the demands of a newborn, but simple things like walking or running on the treadmill before they awaken, taking your fitness outdoors with a jogging stroller or even joining a Mommy and Me fitness class at your local park can be just what you need to get those endorphins flowing again.  Considering your mood and health improve with exercise, this really is a gift for yourself and those around you.

Eat Real Food

Fill your home with the freshest fruits, veggies and lean sources of protein and prepare some dishes in advance for the days or week ahead.  Cooking with the intention of having leftovers will provide you the ease of grab and go meals with your already hectic and unpredictable schedule.  This will also help prevent you from reaching for an unhealthy processed snack out of convenience.   Keep portions small and eat frequently throughout the day to help rev up your metabolism.

Drink more water

Especially in the case that you are nursing, rehydrating properly is essential for the production of breast milk.  Aim for a gallon a day to help maintain proper bodily functions.  Hydration can help control your appetite and moderate your metabolism.  Waiting until you are thirty can mean that you are already dehydrated so keep it with you at all times.