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In many industries, social media is a very necessary evil.  Until a couple of years ago, I did not have a Facebook or Twitter account and had zero interest in establishing one.  Ultimately, realizing it was the best way for me to interact with many of you who are “plugged in,”  I felt the need to succumb to it.  In the interim, as I have grown over the past several years into my own brand and had mostly positive feedback, the negative types will rear their ugly heads on occasion.  I am not immune to cyber bullying, but I rarely if ever respond to it.  I am truly happy in my own life and I am sharing pieces of my journey in the hopes of contributing something inspiring within yours.  It’s a choice, not a necessity for me.  If my message doesn’t resonate with you, it’s fairly simple, don’t follow.  No harm, no foul.  I don’t need a great big dramatic announcement from you before we part ways, it’s your choice and I’m great with it.  Those that I want to have access to my real life, my kids, my husband and myself on a more personal level already have it.  I am public on a highly private level.

I realize that as I grow, so too will the ratio of bad to good,  I am never fully prepared for someone telling me how I “lost them when I posted images of myself sans makeup” or that”muscle on women is gross.”  I have feelings just like anyone else, and while over time I have become stronger to it, I’m human and it still stings to hear.  Taking time out of your day to make hurtful comments to someone you don’t even know will always blow my mind.  On a real world level, I don’t interact with these types, I don’t entertain those that don’t allow me to be myself or force me to be better due to their own greatness.  Therein lies the problem…the fact that I am connected to those that behave this way on social media is disheartening.  The dumbing down of society, due largely in part to social media, has caused me to reconsider having any of these accounts yet again. And while I have been tempted to pull the plug on all of my social media on numerous occasions, those that are with me for the right reasons have always been my sole priority for not acting impulsively. 

I am honest to a fault, I say things people may or may not want to hear and I follow my own path.  Sharing moments of that are real are all part of that. If you’d rather be sold a facade, I’m not your girl, but there are many others you can follow for that experience.  If you think strong women are unattractive, than you can also feel free to turn your back now.   I appreciate those that follow and are here for the right reasons.  I am not afraid to be in wife or mommy mode or show a completely different side of myself.  I know who I am, and while I will not give the satisfaction of a response to those that want to piss in my Cheerios, I will say it’s a beautiful thing having my own blog.  Please know one very important thing, I will never dull my sparkle for you. #ZFG