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Or am I?  I’d like to address this since I’ve seen some comments online that refer to me in this way.  While I am most definitely a big believer in the many benefits of living a Paleo lifestyle, I’ve tried my hand at getting ready for a figure show while maintaining my grain free approach and  sadly, it’s just not the same.  Muscle does not look the same without grain and my priority at the moment is to look good on stage.  Without it, I was looking too ripped, flat and stringy, which does not do well with my organization, the NPC.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I will resume a Paleo diet when my priorities change, but for now, I do in fact eat a very small amount of grain to maintain muscle fullness.  By minimal, I’m talking a very small amount in two out of 6 or 7 meals daily.  I have seen other competitors maintain Paleo eating for prep, Rob Riches for instance, but I have also seen him change up his diet to incorporate grain and attain more fullness, so it is my understanding that he cycles it too.

In any case, I thought I’d take a moment to clear it up in case anyone was under the impression I had the secret combination to being both.  Sadly, I do not though I wanted badly to find a way.  For now, I’m content being Paleoish in an effort to achieve my goals.


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Im competing in November, and follow a Paleo lifestyle can you give me an idea on diet prep any advice would be great ty
Ill be 50 and this is my first competition

Hi Janet! Good for you, that’s very exciting! In my article I share that my competition prep diet was not Paleo, because my coach at the time felt it would hinder me. I have yet to prepare for a show completely grain free, but certainly hope to in the future. Best of luck to you!

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Can you list some of the grains that you did include short term? I am not a competitor (did one time…at age 47…now 52) but still like to maintain a physique close to that ….that is one that is doable on a “regular” regimen.I lately feel I can’t get my shoulders to pop the way I want although I have started a more intense twice a week shoulder training and see a little difference. But I eat primarily pale except for steel cut oats a couple of times a week. Never rice or anything similar…well quinoa occasionally (but that’s really a seed). Do you think someone not training for an event would benefit once in awhile throwing in some grains? What type? And timing wise just post workout?

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