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Tiffany Lee Gaston

I have the best AHA moments while out on a long run.  My mind wanders and I drift off into another dimension it seems.  I may be listening to my latest iTunes playlist on my headphones while finding my pace for the next 4 miles, it really doesn’t matter, things just seem to flow effortlessly to me during this time.  Occasionally, I will stop and photograph something I see or make a voice recording of an idea I’ve just had that I know I will otherwise forget.  In these moments, I realize this is my type of Zen, not to be found in a gym or while training on a hamster wheel indoors.  It’s being outdoors, the smells, the sights, the changing scenery that helps me to get into this space.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything and oh how I’ve missed it.
In life, there will always be challenges.  If it feels the road is currently smooth sailing and downhill, you will eventually have to run back uphill to get home.  No matter if we are speaking in terms of health and fitness, career or other, tough times challenge even the toughest of individuals.  Just remember, if you have a goal, understand there will in fact be bumps in the road.  It is to be expected and with that understanding, you can conquer anything.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, so why should your new svelte body, your own business or a new relationship for that matter?  Ground work must be laid, new habits must be formed and constant practice in the direction of your goals must take place daily.  Don’t give up, for greatness lies just around the corner! Dream big and follow through!