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Tiffany Lee Gaston

It’s been awhile since I could focus any amount of time on my writing, my other passion.  I have been consumed with this past weekend’s show, to which I have much pride in my accomplishment.  It’s always such a surreal moment when you have worked your tail off towards reaching a goal.  Often times there can be disappointment or depression associated with not achieving it and even when you do.  I experienced this let down after my last show despite the fact that I won my class.

Tiffany Lee Gaston

For me, the problem existed with not having my next goal lined up in front of me.  I’m always moving forward, so for me to have a goal, achieve it and then just nothingness to follow, left me feeling pretty badly about myself.  Especially since I am a goal setter and write things down so I can see clearly what I’m after and what I need to do to get there.  Once I had my next  show on the map, I could focus on something positive.

I went into this show with an open mind and a new attitude and threw caution to the wind.  I threw my trust into my coach, is more like it.  I’m glad to report it definitely paid off!  I have changes to make before the Bev Francis and I am currently working on that.  I WILL BE BETTER!

JEB_4215_UAHFWYAPDM TIffany Lee Gaston

I won’t say this prep was easy, but compared to my last show, I feel like it was a much smoother process.  The longer you do it, the easier it becomes.  I was told this show can be quite unpredictable and if I did not place top five, not to be disappointed.  Therefore, going into it, I was at peace with that idea.  The fact that I placed 5th in my height class at a show of this caliber was a proud moment for me.

Next stop, NYC and the Bev Francis Atlantic States.  I have 5 weeks to continue my improvements and hope to present even even better.  Game on sister!  I’m like a freight train with only one speed right now…hard and fast.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my Fit Mom’s out there!  Hope your families treat you with extra love and pampering this weekend!