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Tiffany Lee Gaston

As I revisit my goals, nothing gives me more pleasure than crossing things off as I’ve accomplished them and adding lots of new goals in their place.  Without them, I have no real direction or reason to want to improve or challenge myself in any area of my life.  I am ever changing and evolving, so why shouldn’t my goals evolve as well?  If  you continue to stay the same, you won’t experience growth.  Growth as a person, as a contributor to society and however else you align yourself in this universe.  Luckily, I married a man that has taught me through his own being, how to be a constant work in progress and to always work on bettering myself.

I will continue to challenge myself in new ways because I thrive on forward motion.  As I hit each mark, I am inspired to try harder and push myself further each next time.  When you realize you are accomplishing what you’ve come for, it’s an amazing feeling.  I am in the moment and realizing I am able to do what it takes to get where I want to be.  You are an amazing, inspiring person, you just have to believe in that and it will carry you towards your own goals.

From contributing to and being featured in the pages of some of my favorite fitness magazines, to getting closer to earning my pro card, dreams can become a reality when you work hard and believe in yourself.  I know I am setting a good example for my children and find joy in their pride.  You can go anywhere with faith and perseverance.  You will know when you have arrived in that moment.  It will all become so clear..