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Tiffany Lee Gaston

Are you committed to your health? What steps are you taking to get enough exercise, good nutrition and rest? The strategic balance between these components can be quite a struggle along with daily stresses, but those who make excuses rather than changes will see no results. If you are straddling the fence with weight loss or strength gains, you may just have a weak link.

Change your workout routine:

Incorporate a new routine to shock your muscles. Doing the same machines or exercise over and over again without switching it up can eventually lead to a plateau. Your muscles are smart and actually have memory! When you keep them guessing, you will experience changes, it’s a given. Try a new piece of equipment such as an Ugi ball, Sandbag, or a TRX trainer. It’ll challenge your muscles in a new way. If you are not doing interval training, give it a go. You can workout out less with even better results by keeping an elevated heart rate the entire time. Maybe its the change you need. Get yourself a good interval timer like the Gymboss and get moving.

Keep a food journal:

If you are not sure what your are eating throughout the day and how the calories add up, it’s time to keep a journal. Not forever, just long enough to get a grasp on what you are eating, when and how many calories you are consuming. You can retrain your brain with portion control by tweaking your results to be certain you are not eating hidden calories. This may be the culprit in any weight loss program. Condiments, liquid calories (wine, soda), mindless snacking all add up.

Turn off the toys:

In our technological era, it’s hard to step away from the iPhone, iPad, TV or laptop. If you tend to bring these things to bed with you (guilty here!) you may be stimulating your brain in the evening hours when you should whittle it down. I you can’t control yourself, leave it somewhere else. Anywhere but the bedroom. Don’t’ watch the news or anything negative at bedtime either as these are the last thoughts and visions you will have while drifting off into la la land.

Try these 3 things to see if you experience a difference. Making yourself uncomfortable and stepping outside of your comfort zone is often the only way to evoke change.

Live healthy,