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Step into the New Year with Some New Gear!

The holidays are upon us!  If you’ve taken care of everyone on your list and forgotten about numero uno, it’s time to treat yourself to something that will support your fitness goals in the New Year and get you excited about your training again! Step into the New Year with some exciting new gear, sure to support your fitness needs!


Check out some of my favorite gear and gadgets, sure to spice up your next butt whoopin!

Delfin Spa

I love performing fasted cardio in my Delfin Spa Heat Maximizing Capris! Flush out the toxins and really get your sweat on with these bad boys.  As my gift to you, enjoy 20% off your entire purchase with promo code “tlg20”

Reebok Nanos

I love lifting in my Nanos.  They come in lots of fun colors, can even be customized, and are great for stability and support in the rack!


I may lift in Nanos, but I only run in Asics Gel Infused kicks!  My favorite brand for over 20 years and I’ve tried most every other brand!

Sling Shot Hip Circle

Great for hip and glute activation, try adding this to your next plyo training circuit, deadlifts, squats or any other exercise you what to generate an improved mind muscle connection.

Versa Gripps

Lifting heavy and getting sweaty are the name of my game, but who wants gnarly blisters all over their hands? Not fun or cute!  Avoid beating up your hands with these grip assisting/wrist supporting gloves.

Squat Sponge

Building a better booty? Hip thrusts are a must, but ease the discomfort by using this little gem! Great for squats are all kinds of barbell work!

StrongGirl Products

We can all use a little extra mojo after the holiday season.  Try my StrongGirl stack and really kick it up a notch in the gym.  Support your clean eating and training with StrongGirl! Available at and GNC store and online.






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