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Tiffany Lee Gaston

We all ebb and flow in our interests and desires, but how do we hold ourselves to commitments we make to ourselves?   I, like everyone else that lives a healthy lifestyle, have my own personal reasons for it.   I like to feel strong, powerful and fit.  For whatever your own personal reasons for wanting to better yourself in any realm, we all need incentive.  It’s what makes the world go round.  Whether you have an upcoming vacation, wedding, reunion, whatever, having an incentive to be on track, stay on track or finally get on track is a necessary component for motivation.

The ultimate goal of good health can easily be foreshadowed by LIFE!  Life doesn’t stop because we have goals, in fact, often times it seems hurdles are placed right in front of us repeatedly in an effort to derail us from those very goals.  If you’ve ever had days where you feel the world is working against you, this is just a test of character.  Identify it and move on.  Having the mentality that these mere hiccups in the road to our success can mean the difference of continued commitment to ourselves or giving up.

I have kids with their own agendas and the craziness that brings daily, but when something is important to me, I find a way.  That’s it, I have tunnel vision and I have the understanding that I will get it if I stay the course and do the work.  The difference between successful people and the rest, is their undying ability to get up when they fall.  Not feeling like we’ve failed, but that we must try harder, is the type of thinking we must continually engage ourselves in.  You’ve heard this isn’t a fad, but a lifestyle and that is just what it is.  If you can’t make it a lifestyle each and every day, something you are passionate about and that you enjoy, it just won’t work.  It really is that plain and simple.

I try to make the best of each situation and know there’s always tomorrow to do better.  I didn’t get in shape overnight, I’ve been living this day in and day out for nearly 20 years.  I’ve had moments when I’ve been less than interested, needed a new goal, a new fresh motivation, we all do.  No magic pill or potion will ever take the place of the power of our minds and our ability to push ourselves to overcome when we don’t wish to do something.

Tips on staying motivated:


Having goals and writing them down is one way to reflect back on what you’ve set out to accomplish.  Nothing feels better than crossing each goal off as you steamroll it!  We are what we continually think so let your goals reflect the positive actions you wish to achieve in your life.  Focus on how great you will feel at your goal weight, how incredibly powerful you will feel to have entered and competed in a bikini or figure competition.  The act of goals setting can direct our thoughts in a positive way and create amazing things in our lives.

Training partner:

Working out with someone else of a similar mindset can help to hold you accountable each day.  Not showing up for not only yourself, but for them, can help motivate you to stay on track.

Friendly Competition:

Create a weight loss challenge, a push-up or pull up challenge with co-workers or friends.  Base it on mileage run/walked per week, whatever floats your boat.  Set a deadline and a goal and a little friendly competition can help get you in gear.

Delete the Negativity:

Rid your life of people that drag you down.  Those that bring out the worst in you, partake in the habits you wish to break, or those that put you down need to hit the road.  It’s not easy to let someone go, but consider the impact they are making in your life.  Decide if they are truly happy for you to reach your goals or if they prefer to watch you fail because it empowers them.  Because you are who you hang around, rid yourself of anything that doesn’t inspire you to be better.


No, you are not a dog, but it certainly did work for Pavlov!  Find something nice to set your sights on, be it a material item or a relaxing massage, anything.  Once you’ve reached a certain point in your goal, reward yourself with a special treat you’ve worked so hard for.

Ultimately, making the commitment to yourself  is a must in order to find your greatest motivation to success.  If you can’t want it for you, it just won’t stick.  Believing you are worth going the extra mile for, when others don’t believe in  you, can become the fire inside of you.  Let it push you harder to be better one step at a time.  You are worth it!