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I was never the girl who dreamt about what my wedding would be like, how many children I’d have, what I’d name them, etc.  I will say, when I met the right man, I knew I would be with him for the rest of my life.  The rest of the puzzle fell right into place.  Though life presents its ups and downs, one thing is certain, he has been my rock for over 15 years and 3 children later.  I feel I grew into an adult during the course of our relationship, as I was just a clueless 21-year-old when we married.  The blessings I’ve acquired during our time together have proven nothing less than amazing.  I am grateful each day for having healthy children and a strong relationship with the best partner in crime anyone could ask for.  He keeps me grounded like nothing else and I can’t imagine my life without him.

All of that incredible mushiness aside, I recently realized amidst a stressed out frenzy of carpooling kids to and from school, sports and all the many daily activities, that  I will only have this opportunity for a short while.  I must view it as the most fortunate situation I will ever encounter, instead of a complaint ridden list of all the many directions I’m pulled in.  May I never forget, I signed up for this madness and I created these three beauties which now outnumber us.  My own doing.  In a mere 6 more summers, my oldest will be grown and out of the house followed shortly thereafter by the other two.  Each weekend, holiday and summer is an opportunity to make memories to last a lifetime and to attempt to slow down just a little and absorb what is happening all around me.  Though never an easy task, I try to do this through individual dates with each of my children to reconnect and really listen to what they are thinking and  feeling.  Having more than one child as many of you do, I am often just moments away from one feeling lost in the shuffle, melting down or flipping out over attention paid to the others.

Let this serve as a reminder I continually need myself… slow down, reconnect and refill some love tanks.  You will be enlightened and the gift you are giving your child, your time, is absolutely priceless and something they will carry with them forever.