Painlessly Paleo -Simplifying Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition for Improved Health & Wellness (digital webinar)


As a longtime follower of a Paleo lifestyle, nearly a decade in fact, I’ve put together an informative and easy to follow course that I hope you’ll find to take much of the guesswork out of transitioning to this dietary protocol.  Whether you’ve been a longtime Paleo follower or new to this way of eating and hoping to demystify it, I’ve dug into the most relevant parts and broken them down into smaller, bite-sized pieces, so it need not be overwhelming.

With loads of reasons to kick your health into overdrive and make decisions that will take you closer to your unique goals, there is so much goodness in being your own best advocate in the health space and more reason than ever to place focus on the betterment of the way we eat and the quality of foods we eat.  This course will open your mind to the possibility of how simplistic it can actually be!

Join me on this journey and we’ll walk through it together!

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Painlessly Paleo is here!!! 🎉

My new webinar is now live and I couldn’t be more excited to bring it to you! I’ve created an easy to follow, easy to understand course that walks you through the simplicity of following a Paleo protocol.  When seeking further information regarding nutrition, it can be a most overwhelming experience with so much out there, but it need not be!

Follow along at your own pace and get a greater understanding of the many benefits associated with improving your nutrition and I’ve simplified the process for you! You can and MUST be your own best health advocate and it starts here!



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