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What an exciting surprise to wake up to this morning!  My article was recently published in Fitness Magazine SA and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out.   I am so grateful to the publication and everyone involved.  The opportunity to express my creative influence in the fitness community has been a complete joy for me.  It’s an outlet of self-expression, an honor when others show interest and a genuine way for me to give back that which is important to me; positive health and wellness.  Taking time to read emails in an effort to help others is the very best feeling, so please, keep it coming!

I feel privileged to have some of the incredible opportunities I’ve had and that is proof that goal setting works.  Aspiring to reach new levels, to challenge yourself in new ways, to share with others what you are so passionate about…well, there really is nothing better in my eyes.  Being a positive role-model to my children (except occasionally my foul language) helping to educate them on how to make better food choices (though not always without the stink-eye)  has helped me discover my value and what I’m most grateful for.

In having children, I’ve realized new goals and new passions.  Becoming a mommy changed my world and kind of freaked me out, if I’m being honest.  I had a total identity crisis early on.  My world did, does and will always revolve around them, but I realized I still needed my interests to maintain some priority if I was to ever give wholly of myself to them.  In my world, I’ve discovered that need, and while everyone is different, many women live with what I refer to as “mommy guilt”.  We need not feel badly for taking care of ourselves, our needs and our passions, because everyone else benefits in the end.  Don’t lose yourself, as I did, find balance and be who you always were and who you were meant to be.  Children can be a total part of that equation, no guilt necessary.  Balance is not easy, but paying attention to your own needs and fulfilling them, will actually come to benefit you in many aspects of your life.

The standard I’d like to set, has definitely changed over the years.  I’ve witnessed individuals within the industry sell themselves like cheap byproducts of an unfulfilled youth.  To represent myself in an overtly sexual way is not the image I wish to promote in fitness.  I’m not free of having sold into this early on, but I will no longer play into the need for that.  Sharing a message, hoping to encourage and inspire, cheering you on to make better choices each day, that’s where my heart is.  I don’t need several thousands of “likes” on social media to prove that.  I share what I chose in an attempt to inspire others.  To teach balance, to promote a better way…that is my message.  Share the passion!