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A recent email led me to this post today.  I will preface this with that fact that I am more than happy, willing and moderately able to help anyone that comes to me for advice when and if possible.  I don’t have all the answers and will never claim to, but if I can help via my own experiences or can investigate what you are looking for, I will do it.  I’m your girl!  I am always honored when someone even considers me as someone with whom they’d like the opinion of or asks for help in the direction of seeking their own personal goals.

That said, I  recently connected with someone that I had learned wanted my help.  Eager and willing as I am, I was open to connecting with this person and looked forward to hearing from them.  Once we had connected, I had specifically stated that I was happy to help in any way I could and provided my personal email address.  Some days later, I did in fact receive an email, but it simply stated, “I don’t even know where to start, I have so many questions and just want to learn as much as I can from everyone I meet in the business. Lol.”  I read this and was left dumbfounded.  What do you want to know?  How can I help?  What direction are you headed or where would you like to see yourself?  I’ve given you my personal email, told you I will help however I can and asked that you reach out to me and I will respond.  Without a specific set of questions, what exactly am I to respond with?  I’m sitting here left confused.

I am not certain as to what I can offer this person, but if you don’t specify what you want in life, specifically in matters of goal setting, you can not ever achieve what you dream.  You can not attract to you the energy you want if you do not precisely project it.  To project it, you have to identify it and be passionate about it whatever “it” is.  I’ve learned this over my short lifetime and often times after the fact.  I’m just trying to convey a message to you that I hope you can find helpful.

Learning to be more specific and direct will serve you best when it comes to directing questions to someone to which you aim to seek the opinion of.  I often suggest surrounding yourself with those you feel are where you’d like to be, those you envy, those you look up to.  After all, you are who you hang around.  Being around people in a higher position than you view yourself today will force you to stretch yourself and grow in new ways.

How exactly would, should or could I answer this email…even I don’t know what I am being asked!  For me, I have a very limited amount of time I’m willing to offer those outside of my family.  My husband and children come first and that will never change.  My days are full, my passions are great and left for others is a small amount of time that I do truly want to give.   All I ask is to be specific.  Learning to ask for what you want in life may just be your way of getting it.  Otherwise, how can someone else help you if you can’t help yourself?

Food for thought…