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If you know me, you know I hate surprises and surely can’t keep them, so this has been tough to say the least. Siting on this for the past 6 months has not been an easy feat, especially because I’ve been displaced for many months of it, while living in LA with her.  Perhaps now you can also see why I’ve gone a bit MIA …I couldn’t share a thing! Our girl Jules will be on the upcoming season of NBC’s The Voice premiering Monday, February 24 & 25!  Our family is extremely proud and excited for her and simply thrilled to be reunited once again.  When they say hard work beats talent any day, I’ll proudly share I’ve witnessed both come crashing together with this one.  I’ve been managing her since the age of 12 (now 16), as she slid in for her then vocal coach at gigs, as she would often welcome her to take her break to crank out her own covers, gradually working her way up to an entire 2-3 hour set and performing all over Scottsdale/Phoenix as a professional gigging musician. The gleam in her eye and unwavering persistence to be a professional musician began at just 6 years old when she asked Santa for her very first guitar.  Unlike most kids her age you’d otherwise have to chase to practice, this kid has music and vocals pouring out from her heart and under her bedroom door regularly, because she craves growth like no other.  She’s made it an absolute pleasure to be her parent and is clearly a goal smasher much like her elders.  We know our children are watching all we say and do, so witnessing this further proves that’s absolutely true. I’ve seen a work ethic in this kid that easily mimics that of my husband and myself, and I can honestly say on some days, surpasses my own. Believe that! I’d like to say she came out of nowhere, but I’ve seen this in her all along and her passion for writing and performing is something otherworldly. I know the artist she has become throughout this process and in having access to some true powerhouses in this space and it’s made me even more eager to see what the future holds.  Her dream to sell out MSG is closer than ever and I proudly support that message upon seeing even more of what she is made of.  I sat in awe throughout this process and am uncertain I was capable of such things at her age. Proud is an understatement. Tune in to NBC this Monday 2/24 and 2/25 for the season premier! Any predictions? #TeamJules Btw- have you checked out my new fitness app now available in the app store or though this link? You’ll never again see it at this price, since we are beta testing with your feedback in mind, so check it out and I welcome your input! XOXO, TLG