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country boil

Yeehaw! This meal was prepared for us by our awesome neighbors .  We love them!  These are people you would love to have as friends, but are lucky enough to live next door to.

Let’s talk about the grub.  This is known as a low country boil (which I was completely unfamiliar with) but will now be making for sure.  It’s so easy and delicious and most of all, FUN!! The link to the recipe can be found onAllrecipes.com, but once you get the general idea of what it means to do a “boil”, you can crank it out however your little heart desires.  You basically boil it all up in one fragrant pot, typically on a grill, and throw down.  Everyone grabs what they want and goes to town.

I made a Paleo version of slaw and it was good and spicy, my SIL made these cheesy biscuits and the boil contained crab, shrimp, sausage, potatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, etc.  My Paleo friends will make adjustments, but it can be done.  I plan to make my own version very soon.

Thank you to the “neighbors”.

Live healthy,

JTG Nutrition