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Tiffany Lee Gaston

I absolutely love to run. For me, it is one of those things I can do anywhere. I have been running since I was 12 or 13. In high school I ran track and cross country. I think at that age, I was already realizing that running was a therapeutic vice for me. It’s good because I was no peach as a teen, so I imagine things could have always been worse. Sorry Mom and Dad.

As an adult, I still run to help clear my mind. When you are stressed out or wired up about something, it totally helps to put things in perspective. Sometimes I would like to take off and never come back. I think that would piss a lot of people off though. It is my own special time to have inner peace and quiet amongst a lot of noise in the world or even just my own home. I find that my mind wanders and I am free for the length of time I’m in the zone. If it’s all I get to do for myself in a day, I will be a much nicer wife and mother for it.

I understand that not everyone can run. Lots of people suffer from joint pain and in that case walking is just as good for you. You may want to try the Joint Support that my husband has such great results with. He swears by it for the tendonitis in his elbows.

If you are interested in running and are not yet an avid runner, build up a little bit at a time. Try for a half mile, then walk, the next time try for a mile, then walk and so on until you’ve reached the distance you’ve set as a goal. If you run at a comfortable pace for you, you’ll swear you can run forever.

I’ve read that you can achieve similar benefits of running with walking by simply adding 10-15 minutes to make up for the difference. I think I would be crushed if I couldn’t run and I realize the day may come. For now, I’m happy to be willing and able.

Tiffany Lee Gaston
It’s getting so hot in AZ right now.  We love it there, but there are about three months out of the year we could do without. So it’s simple, we leave as much as possible! It is in the 110 degree range right now and not much good for outdoor runs.  Being that I’m not big on treadmill running as it makes me feel like a hamster, I go early if I can or mostly focus on my interval training for the time being.
Tiffany Lee Gaston
Being on the east coast at the moment, I’m so happy to be able to get outside and do it.  The weather has been amazing!  I know back home this wouldn’t be happening so I’m taking full advantage!
Live healthy!