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Tiffany Lee GastonThe new year is just around the corner and its hard to believe 2013 is coming to a close.  For me, I’ve conquered many goals I’ve set forth for myself both professionally and personally this year.  Having been very motivated several years ago, to having and raising three young children, to getting back to what drives me, I find myself coming full circle this past year.  I see 2014 as a means to further challenge my drive to achieve even better for myself and my family.  Having always been a health and wellness proponent, I look forward to bringing out the best in myself and YOU in the new year.  Lots of great things in store and I’m super excited to share all of this excitement with you!  I see everything from workout videos and supplements to my own wine label in the near future.   All of this excites me to no end!

All in all, my goals will continue to be checked off my list not only as a “New Year’s Resolutions,” but as an all day every day mission I continue to set out on.  I hope you will take the first step in your own success and challenge yourself with new goals big and small.  Stick with them throughout the year and not just the first few months.  Going beyond is what sets you apart from the rest.  Many gyms will be overflowing on January 1, but some 60-90 days later, a ghost town will reside.  Don’t be another statistic, be an advocate for your own success and take charge.

Challenge yourself to be the best you in 2014!  Anything is possible, chase after your dreams hard and watch as they become a reality.

In good health,