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image credit Yahoo NewsHi, I’m Tiffany and I like to meditate. I feel like a new age hippie saying that!  Perhaps it’s not so much that I like to sit still for any period of time, but I’ve learned it is necessary for my own sanity. I’ve recently taken up meditation and it has helped me refocus myself, especially when I’m looking for answers, feeling stressed or just not putting myself as a priority.  Let’s face it women, we often put ourselves last and tend to other’s needs before our own. Consider meditation, along with proper nutrition and exercise to be your way of nurturing yourself, which in turn, will help you give more to others that are important in your life.

Meditation can be very difficult, particularly if you are spastic like me.  I’m a hyper person by nature and this can help me settle down my very chatty inside voice.  I aim to mediate for 10-15 minutes each day and prefer to do it early in the morning.  Any time of day is fine, but for me, it can help direct my day when I put focus on my intentions early and try to reflect back if I get frazzled.  Having three kids can make you frazzled most days, so it’s a preventative measure for me.

How do you meditate?  Well, I’m glad you asked because it’s really quite simple.  Begin by finding a place that is quiet and where you can be left alone.  If you have children, you may need to do this early before they are awake or lock yourself in a closet.  Now then, you need not sit Indian style with your palms facing the sky or on a fancy pillow or any of that.  You can sit upright or lie down, just try not to fall asleep if you are supine.   Next, focus on your breathing and allow any thoughts that enter your mind to simply drift away.  For me, it can be challenging to turn off the noise in my own head, so I find myself saying, “in, out, in, out” in my mind with each breath I take to help concentrate on my breathing and not what I need to get at the grocery store, how I forgot to switch the laundry and 87 other things I often realize when I’m trying not to think.  And by the way, trying not to think is a sure fire way to keep thinking!

As you practice this technique, you will improve over time.  It becomes less like a chore and more like something you look forward to.  I believe in meditation over medication and have been impressed with the calming effect it has had over me during stressful situations.  The next time you feel yourself getting fired up, remove yourself from the situation and try to meditate on it instead of immediately reacting to it.  You may find you are better equipped to handle it in a less emotional manner when you use this technique.  Go get some Zen in your life and try it today!