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Tiffany Lee Gaston

Do you every feel like you are being pulled in several directions at once?  Your husband, kids, friends and family all want a piece of you.  Call it women’s guilt or mommy guilt, but It can be challenging to turn down people when your plate is full.  This is an art that you should realize sooner than later for the benefit of your own sanity.

Finding yourself lost in a sea of children’s birthday parties, school functions, carpooling, play dates, after school sports and activities, work and events to attend is not uncommon for most.  It is also not uncommon to feel like you need more hours at the end of each day.  Prioritizing the important things and learning to say no to the rest is more meaningful than hurtful you will find.  Anyone that doesn’t understand your reasons doesn’t have your best intentions at heart anyway.

Looking back on your life and how you’ve spent it shouldn’t be a time to think “I should have or would have done blank.”  You get one chance to do it your way so make it happen.  You will have more time to spend with the people and things that truly matter most to you.  Giving an explanation is not necessary, but learning to kindly decline will make you a more positive and productive person in the long run.

No need to harbor feelings of guilt when saying no.  True friends will understand and not hold it against you.  Be confident in your decisions.  It may not be easy to adjust to this new mentality, but trust me, you will be happier for it.  It’s time to give yourself a break and put yourself and your needs first.  Those closest to you will benefit and be thankful for it.