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The-Party-is-OverHappy New Year!  I hope each and every one of you had a joyous holiday season with your loved ones.  May 2013 be the best and healthiest for you and that all of your goals and aspirations become a reality.

Now for the reality check!  It’s time to clean it up if you haven’t been so great this past month.  Here are some simple suggestions on how to get back on track if you’re feeling a bit derailed at the moment.  No feeling bad about yourself, just get going on making improvements today.

Get it out!-Put down that cookie and step away.  First things first, if you still have Aunt Martha’s Christmas cookies, GET RID OF THEM!  Don’t continue to put yourself in harms way by staring at all the unhealthy foods you so desperately feel tempted by.  Get to the store with a list of healthy meal ingredients you wish to prepare this week and stock up.  Out with the old and in with the healthy!

 Apps-There are some great apps available to put your daily calories on watch.  They calculate macros as well as workout calories burned.  To journal your food whether in a book or on an app holds you accountable.  Put it down in writing or on one of these apps so you can see what you are actually consuming.  You may be alarmed by what you thought you were eating in a day versus what you are actually ingesting.  A favorite of mine is My Fitness Pal.  It’s easy to use and its free so get that installed on your phone ASAP!

Fitness Gadgets-Not only did I list the Nike FuelBand on my top ten Fit Holiday Gift Ideas, I got one for my husband and he surprised me with one as well.  Now, we are racing against each other daily in an effort to see who earns more Nike Fuel points.  Quite honestly, I’m a bit out of control.  Yes, I said it.  I’m even considering getting them for all three kids and putting them in a little friendly competition with each other to keep them moving.  It may be a necessity as my youngest seems to have a newfound addiction to Mine Craft and I’ve had to limit his time on the iPad.  Can you say rehab?

Organize-Last Sunday I took down Christmas…all of it.  It feels great to put everything away and clean up shop.  The holidays are over so putting it all away gives you a sense of accomplishment because undecorating a 12ft tree can be a healing experience.  Or you may end up with a sudden onset of Teret’s, but at least its been handled.  Out of sight, out of mind.

It’s Go Time!-Quit telling yourself I’ll go back to the gym when it warms up or when my house guests leave or, or, or.  The time is now!  Get outside, get to the gym, rock a sandbag or body weight workout at home.  You may feel sluggish, but I promise, once you start getting those endorphins going again, you’ll be glad you did.  Pretty soon, the habits of yesterday will come back to you like riding a bike.  Plenty of workouts on here to choose from so pick 5 and do one every day this week.

Work Together-Hire a trainer or meet a friend for a workout.  You won’t keep hitting that snooze button if someone is waiting for you at the gym.  Holding yourself accountable is challenging, but enlisting your partner or friend’s help to get moving with will make it much easier and perhaps more fun too.

Now, get going because I need to go run in circles while my hubby is in the shower and has his FuelBand off.  Gonna beat him again today 😉