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paleo lunch

Can it be done?  I would definitely say so, though it takes some preparation and education as to how the place you are ordering does their food prep.  And, if you are able to pack your own meals, even better.

For times when you are at the mercy of others, ask questions.   You’ll have a better chance of eliminating things you don’t want to eat (preservatives, MSG, grain, high sodium, high trans fat, etc) if you understand the prep.  I’m sure this causes me to be a pain when I’m out ordering, but it’s my life and it’s my choice.  That sounds like “my body, my choice”.  Sorry, tangent…..Any who…just because a restaurant cooks everything in butter, doesn’t mean you can’t request it steamed.  It never hurts to ask.  The worse they can tell you is to F off.  If this happens, you don’t want to eat there anyway, so move on ya’ll.

Oddly enough, here are some pictures I took while at O’hare Int’l Airport, while waiting on a recent flight.  The Japanese restaurant there had some great options for us.  I would have to say this was definitely not slumming it.

Shrimp Cocktail



crab salad

You just need to make educated choices about what goes into your mouth. Hehe

That said, yes I said it…you can get a grilled chicken salad just about anywhere you go so try balsamic vinegar on the side and hold the croutons. It’s really not that hard. Add some avocado if they have it, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. Sushi is super easy, no rice so have some sashimi, steak and a side of steamed broccoli or asparagus, or a chicken breast and veggies.

Just realize you need to continue all of your efforts while away from home, grain or not, and this pattern will get easier. I can’t say I really ever feel deprived. I drink wine with nearly every dinner and I enjoy a treat once or twice a week. Again, it’s about being and doing well 80-90% and not striving for perfection.

Good to know you can fall of the wagon once a week or so and not do any real harm. Throwing a wrench in the gears is good for you! Don’t go completely off the rails, just reward yourself when you feel you’ve been putting in the hard work. No guilt, no worries, no problem.

Live healthy,


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