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As I anxiously prepare mentally for what 2013 will be like for me, I am ever aware of the importance of writing down my goals.  No matter how big or small, I am better able to hold myself accountable when I see in writing exactly the mental path I’m on.  To live each day on this wavelength brings us one step closer to achieving what is most important to us.  I have two lists when I map out my goals, a short-term and a long-term.  My short term goals are things I strive for in the coming weeks and months and my long-term goals are what I aspire to accomplish within a year to sometimes 5 years from now.  I frequently update these lists and it is the best feeling to draw a line through the targets you’ve hit.  A sense of accomplishment prevails when you realize that you put yourself on a frequency of receiving what you were most wanting to draw into your life.

Lots of exciting things ahead as I prepare to compete on the NPC National stage this year.  I have enjoyed my down-time with family and friends, but its time to get back to business.  I can’t help but feel that if I am not constantly moving forward, I am simply at a standstill.  I have a terribly hard time standing still.  Watch out 2013, I’ve got mad plans for you!

Until then, we burpee……

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