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I recently returned from Vegas having attended the Olympia for my very first time.  It was neat to see so many friends in fitness and make many new ones during my time there!  Connecting in person with those I’ve only ever known through social media outlets was a lot of fun for me too.  The energy was contagious and there is truly nothing like witnessing it all firsthand.  It’s amazing to see so many health and fitness personalities gathered under one roof, and yet,  I realize we are such a minority in the grand scheme of things.  The majority of the population would be overwhelmed, put off or even intimidated by the sight of it all and yet it is quite normal to many within its walls.

Walking the expo floor, there was no lack of energy as people were flinging supplements at your head, pull-up contests were going on and hot chiseled bodies were everywhere.  Vegas will always seem the perfect backdrop for such an event.  Until next time…

Some of my favorite memories from the weekend!